Register to Vote

Ryan Ronco, County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters

Elections Office
2956 Richardson Drive
PO Box 5278
Auburn, CA 95604
(530) 886-5650
E-mail: [email protected]

Placer County Voter Registration

Party Registered Voters
Republican (REP) 98,176
Democratic (DEM) 67,093
American Independent (AIP) 7,636
Green (GRN) 894
Libertarian (LIB) 3,958
Peace & Freedom (PFP) 482
No Party Preference (NPP) 58,501
Other 1,873
TOTAL 238,615


Who May Register And Vote:

A person is entitled to register to vote if they are:

  • A U.S. citizen
  • A resident of California
  • Not in prison or on parole for the conviction of a felony. (Note: persons convicted of a specified low-level felony and subject to “post release community supervision” or “mandatory supervision” may register and vote if otherwise eligible).
  • At least 18 years of age on the date of the election

California election law denies the right to vote to persons who have been determined mentally incompetent.

How And Where To Register To Vote:

To register to vote, a person needs to complete and sign a Voter Registration Form and mail it to the Elections Office of the County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar. These forms are pre-addressed and postage paid. (Some forms carry the Secretary of State’s address in Sacramento or the address of another county – these forms can be used also.)

Voter registration forms are available at the Elections Office, 2956 Richardson Drive, Auburn, CA. Forms are also available at:

  • Post Offices
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV’s)
  • City Clerks Offices
  • Public Libraries
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • High Schools.

You may also call the Elections Office, (530) 886-5650, to have one mailed to you. You may also complete an online Voter Registration Card at the Secretary of State’s website.

Secretary of State - Register to Vote

Certain voters face life-threatening situations may qualify for confidential voter status.  For more information, please contact the Secretary of State’s Safe At Home program.

Political Party Information

Political Parties –

Election Code Section 2157.2 provides that, in order that a voter be fully informed of the permissible uses of personal information supplied by him or her for the purpose of completing a voter registration affidavit that the following information be provided:

Information on your voter registration affidavit will be used by election officials to send you official information on the voting process, such as the location of your polling place and the issues and candidates that will appear on the ballot. Commercial use of voter registration is prohibited by law and is a misdemeanor. Voter information may be provided to a candidate for office, a ballot measure committee, or other person for election, scholarly, journalistic, political, or governmental purposes, as determined by the Secretary of State. Driver’s license and social security numbers, or signature as shown on your voter registration card, cannot be released for these purposes. If you have any questions about the use of voter information or wish to report suspected misuse of such information, please call the Secretary of State’s Voter Protection and Assistance Hotline.

How To Change Name – Address – Political Party:

If you:

  • Have gotten married and/or changed your name or;
  • Moved within the County and need to change your address or;
  • Wish to change your political party;

You may simply complete another Voter Registration Card and mail it in and we will update your registration to reflect the change.

Deadline To Register For An Election:

The close of registration is 15 days prior to an election. To be eligible to vote you must register on or before the deadline (i.e. vote by mail, at a polling place). However, during the period of 14 days prior to Election Day through and including Election Day, an individual can go to the Elections Office to conditionally register and vote a ballot, provided they reside in Placer County and have not already turned in a voted ballot at another county/state elections office.

Once you are registered, you will remain on the rolls and be eligible to vote until you move out of the county or become ineligible. Failure to vote in an election does not make you ineligible. To find out if you are already registered to vote in Placer County contact our office.

I’ve Registered To Vote What’s Next…


  • Voter Notification Card

Once you have registered to vote you will receive a voter notification card that is proof that you are a registered voter. Upon receipt of your card please verify the information on the card to make sure it is correct. If it is not correct please contact our office.

  • Sample Ballot Booklet

Two to three weeks prior to each election your County Registrar of Voters will mail you a Sample Ballot booklet. The booklet contains candidates and ballot issues on which you will vote on in your area. The Sample Ballot also includes the location of your polling place. An application to request a vote-by-mail ballot is also included on the back cover of each Sample Ballot. If you do not receive a sample ballot you may contact our office. You will not receive a Sample Ballot if you do not live in the district holding the election or have moved and did not re-register 15 days prior to the election. For most elections in Placer County it is available online as well. Election mail is not forwardable.

  • State Voter Information Guide

Prior to each statewide election every household is mailed a Voter Information Guide from the California Secretary of State. The guide provides information on statewide candidates and propositions. It is also available online at the