Volunteering to be a Poll Worker

Poll Worker Program

To become a Poll Worker, you are required to:

  • Be 18 years of age or older (or a minimum of 16 years of age if participating in the Student Poll Worker Program)
  • Be a registered to vote in the state of California or a permanent legal resident of the United States (Permanent legal residents may work as Clerks only)
  • Not be on parole for a felony conviction
  • Find transportation to and from your assigned polling place on Election Day and your training class, if required
  • WORK THE ENTIRE ELECTION DAY FROM 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM (This will include set up and closing of the polling place and assisting voters throughout the day)

Position Descriptions:


The Inspector has the responsibility of overseeing the Election Day operations at an assigned polling place, which includes:
  • Managing and working with poll workers assigned to the polling place
  • Coordination of site access
  • Picking up supplies and setting up equipment
  • Assisting and processing voters
  • Completing the closing procedures
  • Transporting the results and supplies to a collection center on Election Night
  • Hours: From 6:00 AM until supplies and equipment are turned in at the collection center at approximately 9:30 – 10:00 PM


The Judge has the responsibility of being “second in charge” and assisting the Inspector in the polling place operations, which includes:
  • Checking in voters as they arrive and ensuring the roster is signed correctly
  • Tracking the number of voters on Election Day
  • Assisting provisional voters with casting a ballot
  • Stepping up to the Inspector position, if the Inspector needs to leave the polling place for any reason
  • Hours: From 6:00 a.m. until supplies and equipment are turned in at the collection center at approximately 9:30 – 10:00 PM


The Clerk has the responsibility to assist the Inspector in the polling place operations, which includes:
  • Setting up equipment and supplies
  • Assisting and processing voters
  • Assisting in the closing procedures
  • Hours: From 6:00 AM until all closing procedures are complete at approximately 9:00 PM


  • Inspectors: $135.00
  • Judges: $115.00
  • Clerks: $100.00
  • Training Class: $ 25.00 (Mandatory for Inspectors and Judges)

Poll Worker Training

  • Poll Worker Training is held during the last two weeks before the election.
  • Training sessions normally last approximate 2-3 hours, depending on the poll worker position.
  • Poll Workers will be notified of the training dates and times in their appointment letter.

Maps for Training Locations

  • For a map to the Mount Vernon Guild Hall in Auburn, click here.
  • For a map the Finance and Administration (FAB) building in Auburn, click here.
  • For a map to the North Tahoe Event Center in Kings Beach, click here.

Poll Worker Procedure Manual

Election Day Reminders

  • You are representing the Placer County Elections Division. We recommend comfortable, appropriate clothing and shoes. No tank or halter tops, shorts, torn clothing, flip flops or open toe shoes. No political or offensive slogans or buttons are allowed on you or your clothing. If the Inspector feels you are not dressed appropriately, they will request you return home to change.
  • You will be assigned to a polling place and will report there by 6:00 AM on Election Day. You will remain on site (except during breaks) until approximately 9:00 PM.
  • Members of the precinct boards consist of the Inspector, Judge, and Clerks. The Inspector leads, supervises and instructs the poll workers with duties for opening and closing of the polls and other tasks throughout the day. The Inspector will also contact you prior to Election Day.
  • Food is not provided, so please make arrangements to bring your own snack/meals.
  • No food or drinks are allowed on the precinct board table(s).
  • Unless otherwise posted, there is no smoking at any polling place.
  • No internet/Wi-Fi capable devices, cells phone or laptops are allowed at the precinct board table(s).
  • Unless otherwise posted, there is no smoking at any polling place.
  • Only poll workers are allowed at the precinct board table(s).
  • Be patient, helpful, and courteous to the voters, observers, and other poll workers.
  • The voting process may be observed by others, but observers may not interfere with the privacy of voters or poll worker duties.
  • No electioneering (political campaigning) is allowed within one hundred feet of the polling place entrance. No newspapers, radios, television or campaign literature are allowed in the polling place.

Student Poll Worker Program

Program History

  • In 1996 the California State Legislature amended election law to allow high school students to serve as poll workers on Election Day. This special program gives students hands-on experience with the voting process.
  • Join other high school students throughout Placer County as they discover firsthand how the American electoral process works. You’ll have an opportunity to make a difference even before you can cast your vote!

To Participate as a Student Poll Worker

At the time of the election, you must:

  • Be 16 years of age or older
  • Be a United States citizen or Legal Permanent Resident
  • Be a current high school student in good academic standing
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Have written permission from your parent/guardian and your school

Stipend and Benefits

  • Volunteering on Election Day: $100
  • Training (Optional): $25
  • Some schools offer class credit or community service hours for volunteering on Election Day, especially if you are in a government or political science class. (Check with your school administration or teachers.)


  • Set up and administer designated polling place, with assistance of your fellow poll workers
  • Direct voters to sign in, and verify signature
  • Answer voters’ procedural questions
  • Close polls at the end of the Election Day, with assistance of your fellow poll workers

Hours of Service

  • Your work day includes set up and closing of the polling place, as well as assisting voters throughout the day.
  • Polling places are open for voting from 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Application Procedure

  • Sign up using our volunteer application form
  • We will email you an application packet to complete, which will also include obtaining permission from your parents, as well as your school. (Full details are incluhttp://placerelections.com/uploads/documents/student_packet.pdfded with your packet.)
  • If you do not have email/internet access, please contact our office and we will mail you a Student Poll Worker packet.

Service Clubs

This is a great opportunity for your club to raise money and become involved in the community!

General Information

  • Election Day hours are 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM, to allow for set up and end of day processing.
  • The polls are open to voters from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
  • The duties of the members of the Service Club will be the same as every other board member (Inspector, Judge and Clerk).
  • Service clubs are responsible for filling their precinct board with their service club members, and for providing the Elections Division with the board assignment information.
  • All boards will have five to six poll workers (Inspector, Judge and three to four Clerks).


Inspectors: $135.00
Judges: $115.00
Clerks: $100.00
Training Class: $ 25.00 (Mandatory for Inspectors and Judges)
Can earn up to $900 per Service Club

Inspectors and Judges are required to:

  • Work the entire day, from 6:00 AM to approximately 9:30 PM
  • Attend a mandatory Poll Worker Procedures class, which is approximately three hours in length. Training classes are held the week prior to each election at training facilities in Auburn and Kings Beach. Dates and times will be assigned in the poll worker appointment letters.

Service Club Clerks

  • Service Club Clerks can work in shifts as long as there are always three (single precinct) or four (multiple precinct) Clerks working throughout the day.
  • Clerks who are working the first shift are required to report to their assigned precinct location by 6:00 AM on Election Day.
  • Clerk training classes are held two weeks prior to each election and are approximately three hours in length. Classes will be held at training facilities in Auburn and Kings Beach.
  • Training for Clerks is not mandatory, but is highly recommended due to the many ongoing updates and changes to our procedures. Clerks will be notified of the dates and times in their appointment letter.
  • Service clubs may have a maximum of six Clerks (for a single precinct) and eight Clerks (for a multiple precinct) attend training with pay.
  • Clerks not attending training class can pick up a training manual at our office or if time permits, one can be mailed to them.

Application Process

  • Please contact our office at [email protected] or 530-886-5671, and we will be happy to send you a Service Club packet.
  • Once you have completed the forms contained in the packet, please return them to our office in the postage paid envelope that we have provided.
  • Replying as soon as possible increases your chances of being placed as a service club at one of our polling places. However, completing these forms does NOT guarantee that your club will be selected to work.
  • If selected to work, your club will be placed as a precinct board and sent appointment letters approximately eight weeks prior to Election Day.

E-Night Workers

Placer County Elections Division needs you on Election Night! The Placer County Elections Division regularly recruits Election Night (E-Night) workers for each of the Primary and General elections in Placer County!

General Information

  • E-Night workers staff our many Receiving Centers within Placer County and collect precinct supplies, ballots and voting equipment after the close of the polls on Election Day.
  • Receiving centers are staffed by a Supervisor, Head Clerk and 4-8 Clerks/Runners depending on the location.

All E-Night workers must:

  • Be able to lift a minimum of 30 lbs.
  • Be able to bend and twist continuously throughout the evening.
  • Be able to work on Election Night from 6:00 PM to approximately 11:00 PM


  • Supervisor: $100.00
  • Head Clerk: $ 70.00
  • Clerk/Runner $ 60.00

Position Descriptions

SUPERVISOR: The Supervisor is the officer in charge at the Receiving Center. They drive to the assigned Receiving Center with another staffer in a County appointed vehicle/large truck from Auburn. They are responsible for (but not limited to) the following tasks:

  • Opening and closing the Receiving Center
  • Explaining safety procedures to their board
  • Delegating tasks such as: preparing the location before the precincts start arriving, ensuring receipts and logs are filled out correctly, communicating with the Elections Office and assigned Sheriff’s Deputy, and transporting/checking in all supplies at the Elections Office.

HEAD CLERK: The Head Clerk is second in command at the Receiving Center. They assist the Receiving Center Supervisor with the following tasks:

  • Communicating effectively to the Clerk/Runners, issuing receipts, making certain that the precinct supplies are loaded correctly into the truck and checking in the Roving Inspectors.
  • Organization of the Receiving Center and ensuring processes and procedures are followed.
  • If the Supervisor is unable to serve, the Head Clerk assumes the duties of the Supervisor.

CLERKS/RUNNERS: Clerks work under the direction of the Supervisor who will assign the duties on Election Night. The Head Clerk will also be providing direction to them as well. Their tasks will include:

  • Setting up traffic cones and directional signs
  • Collecting voting supplies, ballots and equipment from precinct personnel vehicles
  • Directing traffic.


  • A mandatory training class for new Supervisors and Head Clerks will be held in Auburn during week prior to each election.
  • Training classes are approximately one hour in length and will discuss Receiving Center procedures.
  • Stipend for attending training: $10

To apply, choose one:

  • Click here to access the Poll Worker/E-Night Worker availability form.
  • Call our office at 530-886-5671 or 530-886-5673, and we will mail an availability form to you.